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In the current digital climate and with social media marketing beginning to thrive in manchester; it's becoming increasingly difficult to imagine even the least ambitious of Internet marketing campaigns without a social media optimisation component. Here at Pixx Tech, we help you to develop that all-important high quality social media strategy. Want better search engine rankings and improved revenue? Contact Pixx Tech today, the company that crafts social media strategies to bring businesses and customers closer together

Why invest in Social Media Optimisation?

It is increasingly difficult to ignore social media strategy, given that so many of your competitors will have already gained a great amount of authority and business from one of their own. The fact that social media likes, shares, tweets, re-tweets it acts as a "social responsibility" which impacts on your SEO according to Google and Bing. This makes it all the more important to start devising your own company SEO strategy today.

What Pixx Tech can do for your Social Media profile?

In a world in which social media is constantly evolving, Pixx Tech will devise the social media marketing strategy that you need to beat your rivals, in both the short term and long term. Whether you require social media for SME's or large companies, we are the right people for you.As impressive as a high follower or "fans"count may be, success on social media is never just about the big numbers and other measurable parameters. It's also about those "social" factors that can be beyond quantification. It's about sharing information with your targeted customers and building a relationship with them.

As a social media marketing agency, we know that to be genuinely successful on social media platforms, you must never forget to connect to your company or brand's customers. Our social media marketing services place this aspect at the forefront, promoting your company but also providing a customer service channel through which you can interact and develop important relationships with current and prospective customers.Nonetheless, we do also track all of the most important performance areas of your social media campaign, as part of our drive to ensure the best possible results for your company.

A comprehensive and tailored approach to Social Media

Different companies naturally have different goals when it comes to social media. Some of them are most concerned with attracting more followers and likes to their profiles on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Pininterest, so that they can boost their online authority.

Others especially want to ensure better brand recognition, while some companies simply desire the most well-rounded social media presence. Whatever your own firm's priorities, we'll devise a bespoke social media marketing strategy that you are pleased with and that attracts the right results for your company.

Boost your fan, follower or +1 counts for better brand recognition

Promote giveaways, contests, special offers, coupons, votes and quizzes on social media

Improve your firm's response to customer queries, complaints and feedback

Use social media and social sharing to boost website traffic

Create and share content that will attract followers, likes, shares and links

Have a strategy for social media marketing that suits your requirements and budget

Devising the most effective Social Media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a field that offers huge potential advantages to your company, including more consistent natural traffic and better revenues - especially given the modern primacy of the World Wide Web. However, that does depend on the right execution of the right strategy.With social media profiles being of increasing importance to how your entire company performs online, here at Pixx Tech, we can create a social media marketing strategy that brings your own company plenty of organic traffic that is taken seriously by the search engines.

Our social media marketing services include the creation of pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr, LinkedIn and YouTube-basically, all of the sites that give you an ideal platform for communicating with those with an interest in your firm's products or services. In the process, new, repeat and established customers can all be attracted to your company.Pixx Tech can help you to boost the number of referring domains that direct to your company website, making for more natural and powerful linking social media profiles.

The value of Twitter competitions...

Build your Twitter follower base and increase brand awareness by running competitions on the social media site. Our experts in social media marketing can custom design a new page on your website to which entrants can be directed, and once the competition comes to a close, can even manage the process of selecting the winner. You can customise your Twitter competition to run for a certain period of time, or to end as soon as you have attracted a certain number of followers. We'll work closely with you to create a competition that is in keeping with your company voice and brand, and can offer a similar service to companies on Facebook

Why only Pixx Tech should handle your Social Media marketing

Here at Pixx Tech, our team of dedicated social media marketing professionals have devised strategies for a wide range of organisations, from small to large firms in various different industries. We offer various social media services that can be tailored to your company's exact needs, whether you're particularly concerned with one social media network, like Twitter or Facebook, or are more interested in a broad strategy that maximises your firm's all-round social and online presence.

We have an impeccable reputation as a social media marketing agency, offering an extensive range of services that manage brand reputation, increase outreach and represent excellent value for money. Contact us now about building your own company's social media marketing campaign, whether on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, FourSquare of any of the other main social media sites.

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